Case information.

Map and Directions to courthouse.

Where to park

Circuit and Chancery Court
There are several parking lots nearby but you must pay to park. There are several convenient parking lots on Adams Avenue across from the courthouse on both the east and west sides. The average cost of parking will be $3 to $8, depending on the location and the number of hours your vehicle will be parked.

Juvenile Court
A free parking lot is located across the street from Juvenile Court on Washington Avenue.

How to dress

Judges judge you. They judge you based upon what you say, how you behave and what you wear. Please dress as you would dress for church or any other solemn occasion.

  • Men may wear dress pants and a long sleeved dress shirt. A tie is not necessary but is preferred.
  • Women should wear dress pants or an appropriate skirt with a modest blouse. A jacket is not necessary but is preferred.
  • Shorts and tank top shirts are not permitted in the courthouse.

Arrive on time and know which courtroom your case is in. We will meet you in the hallway outside the courtroom unless other arrangements have been made with your attorney.